Bus director who helped in Terrace Tunnel stand-off speaks out

A crash in Terrace Tunnel on Thursday had Wellington holding its breath as a man involved stood above the motorway, armed with a knife and bleeding for 10 hours.

He refused food and water from police and was seen pacing the pole above the northbound entrance of the motorway.

At around 5pm, a trio of double decker buses were called in to help get him down safely, positioning themselves underneath him.

Kevin Snelgrove, the transport and operations director for Tranzit Group, told Newshub the event was "definitely surprising".

"I've been in the bus industry for 40 years and we are always prepared to turn out and help assist our local community in any adverse event," he said.

"We assisted the police operation by providing part of our double decker bus fleet and were happy to do so."

The man eventually came down at 10:30pm, after an incredible 10 hours above the motorway. Police have confirmed his injuries were self-inflicted.

The man is still in police custody and is receving health treatment. Police say they will not be providing any more details, for privacy reasons.

He has been charged with dangerous driving causing injury and possession of an offensive weapon, and is due to appear in Wellington District Court at a later date.


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