Call for 'National day of action' against excess plastic wrapping

A call for a day of action against excess plastic wrapping on has been welcomed just weeks after the official plastic bag ban in supermarkets. 

Science communicator Kimberley Collins wrote on Twitter there needs to a national day of action against excess plastic packaging. 

"Can we organise a National day of action where people unwrap the groceries they buy and leave the plastic waste (because most of it can't actually be recycled) at the store for them to deal with," she wrote. 

And many have supported the idea saying they are "keen" for this to happen. 

Her call comes after Newshub reported four-year-old Helaina Adams-Wood and her dad Tom were recently shocked to find their favourite snack covered in plastic.

"We spotted all the muffins individually packaged in hard plastics and all the bread in soft plastics," Mr Adams says. 

"We weren't really prepared to end up with all that plastic and also endorse that kind of behaviour, so we went elsewhere."

"It's not a great idea," Helaina says. 

Mr Adams posted about his discovery on Twitter, and hundreds echoed his disappointment.

Foodstuffs says only one of their Wellington supermarkets was using individual plastic containers temporarily to prevent fruit flies from contaminating their food.

Mr Adams is calling on businesses to start making changes.

"Every business should think, 'what is the whole life of my product going to be like, how am I making it, who is going to use it, how easy is it going to be to dispose of?"