Cancer patient Kurt Brunton, who flew to the US for treatment, has died

Kiwi dad Kurt Brunton has died after a battle with cancer.
Kiwi dad Kurt Brunton has died after a battle with cancer. Photo credit: Supplied

An Auckland dad, who travelled to the US for cancer treatment, has died.

Kurt Brunton, 41, was diagnosed with an aggressive stage four non-hodgkin lymphoma - a type of blood cancer - in mid-January.

He died on January 7.

Mr Brunton's wife, Janelle Brunton-Rennie, posted a heartbreaking message on Instagram saying, "He's gone. On January 7th at 9.52pm just a few hours after lots of kisses and cuddles from Sage and with me and his mum and brother holding his beautiful, strong hands, Kurt slipped away".

In September the couple vowed to sell their home, cars and everything they owned, to raise funds for treatment in the US.

However, Mrs Brunton-Rennie said her husband's health declined while in Boston, and he came back to New Zealand by December 31.

"We threw everything at this, everything. The pure anguish and emotional trauma of the last week is indescribable. 

"Kurt began to decline rapidly in Boston and we managed to just get him home to NZ safely on New Year's Eve. 

"He spent two days at home with Sage and I where we lavished him in kisses and cuddles and was then admitted to hospital," Mrs Brunton-Rennie wrote.

"My heart is in pieces. My soul is deeply wounded. And I'm just so grateful I got to be there with him, caring for him and loving him the best I could until the end."


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