'Completely unnacceptable': Still no action from council over illegally dumped rubbish in Manurewa

A south Auckland community will continue to live with a stinking pile of illegally dumped rubbish in their neighbourhood until the landowner gets rid of it.

Auckland Council says it can't intervene further because it doesn't pose a health risk. It also says it has to respect the owner's rights. 

But locals just want it gone.

"People also have private property rights and the council can't just romp in and clean up people's properties," councillor Penny Hulse, environment committee chair, said. 

The property has been a hotspot for illegal dumpers for months.

The council has finally made contact with the owner and, even though he didn't create the mess, he's agreed to remove it in the next fortnight.

But local Manurewa politician Angela Dalton says it's taking too long.

"The first report of this rubbish was at the end of October. It took political intervention to log this two weeks ago before any action took place. It is completely unacceptable."

The council's environmental health officers can't order a council clean-up because the rubbish didn't meet the threshold for being a health nuisance.

It wasn't able to find evidence of rats or mice, and the number of flies wasn't more than you'd expect.

Manurewa-Papakura councillor Daniel Newman said it is "absolutely a health and safety issue and it presents a clear and present danger to the community". 

"One neighbour told us she's had enough, she's out of here, and she's looking for a new home. Her children are constantly getting sick living next to this."

Councillor Hulse hopes the Government review of the Litter Act takes this case on board.

"We're asking Government to give us more powers to clean up on private property and this is a very good example why."

But in the meantime, residents of the Randwick Park street will have to live with their neighbours for another two weeks.


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