Con men pretending to be NZ Police in disgusting new phone scam

Police are asking for people to be cautious of a telephone scam in which the caller claims to work for New Zealand Police or Spark.

The scammer claims they are targeting internet fraud, then goes on to commit internet fraud.

Once they have legitimised themselves, the caller asks the victim to purchase iTunes gift cards at their own expense and provide them with the numbers. 

Scams like these are common, where the scammer will pretend they work for a widely recognised organisation in order to gain trust.

After they have got the numbers, the scammer redeems the gift cards and disappears from contact. However, the scam artist maintains remote access to the victim's computer.

Police say these scams run constantly.

"While most people will not respond or buy into them, some people are more vulnerable."

People are being urged by police to engage with elderly or vulnerable members of their families to ensure no one is falling prey to this scam.

Business owners should note customers buying multiple, or expensive gift cards, and check their customers are not being pressured or scammed into buying in bulk.

Anyone who has been told to install a programme that allows remote access to their computer should seek assistance to ensure it is safely removed.

If you or someone you know has been scammed, police recommend first reporting it to your bank, and then your local police.