'Die boy': Spookers 'unruly revenge' video removed

The "terrified" family of rowdy tourists have faced another disturbing incident after a violent video was posted online appearing to show one of them being murdered by zombies.

Horror theme park Spookers posted a video captioned "unruly revenge" to its Facebook page on Friday night showing a member of the group being attacked by two zombies.

The pair 'kill' a man dressed as John Johnson, the man in the white shirt caught in the now infamous video of the family at Takapuna Beach. As he's violently assaulted, the Spookers' staff shout "die boy" and "time to go home".

It's the latest escalation in the backlash to the unruly group's behaviour, which they say has left them "terrified".

Mr Johnson says the family have been left like "refugees" in a Commonwealth country, hiding in the mountains north of Wellington.

"The reason being is that we feel that we're going to be attacked by the locals," he told Newshub.

"We're absolutely terrified for our life. This is supposed to be a relaxing holiday, beautiful holiday in a country that you could visit and it all just went downhill and we're down a lot of money."

He says he's holed up with his elderly mum and dad, who are in their sixties, his sister-in-law, and three children, aged seven, three, and seven months.

"We are a respectable family, we are a British family who have come here, as a Commonwealth country, to see New Zealand, to see the Hobbits and see the mountains," Mr Johnson said.

"The way we have been treated, intimidated, we are scared to leave, we are scared to move, we are hiding at the moment. We don't know what to do."

Mr Johnson said that social media comments have also made them frightened.

"They are all commenting saying they are going to smash us up, do this to us, we are scum, we are Irish scum, we are gypsy this, gypsy that," he said.

"They put me on a packet of, I don't even want to say it, a packet of something you use when you do something. Dressing me up as a woman… saying all sort of horrible stuff about my nephew [whose] seven years of age…  at the end of the day, that's racism".

Spookers director Beth Watson said after extensive news coverage of the group, "some of our actors were disappointed with their littering attitude" and made the video on Friday night.

She said it was posted on Facebook as a "humourous response" to the group's actions. 

"After there was some negative feedback about it going too far, we made the decision that it could be in bad taste and not a good idea to have posted it, and the video was removed," she told Newshub.


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