Drivers battle over single lane in Wellington

A Wellington woman has caught the moment two drivers tried to physically fight over a lane on a busy highway.

The woman - who asked to not be named - recorded the Hutt Rd incident on her phone on Tuesday, after the driver spotted the altercation.

A small silver sedan was trying to pass a white ute on the left, despite not being in the merging lane anymore.

But the other driver was refused to let them in and the cars collided, tussling over the single lane.

The ute won in the end, and the driver of the sedan had to take second place.

The witness told Newshub no other cars were involved, but there was a cyclist nearby that nearly got caught in the commotion.

"This all happened whilst a cyclist is riding his bike - he turns around while all this commotion is going on right behind him," she said.

The woman said it's the first time she's ever seen anything like it.

"Both don't stop and just keep driving, both with damaged cars. Later on silver car driver put his hand out of his window and [fixed] his broken side-view mirror, all while driving."  

Both cars appeared to move on from the incident without further trouble.


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