Dry January on the cards for most of NZ

MetService is forecasting a dry start to the year.

High pressure sitting overhead is blocking the downpours and thunderstorms the marred the end of 2018.

Meteorologist Ravi Kandula told Newshub the country will experience higher than average temperatures.

"The South Island, from the 14th to the 20th of January will have anywhere between 1.5dgC and 2degC above average."

Mr Kandula says some rain will sneak in to the lower South Island, but for the most part things will be dry.

"Rain in the next two or three weeks is going to be below average for a lot of parts of the countries."

There is a change on the horizon though.

"We're talking in the next week and a half a warming trend, and then a cooling trend over the following week and a half," Mr Kandula said.

"But still generally warmer than the seasonal average."


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