Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull hopes 'common sense' will stop students riding Lime scooters down Baldwin Street

The Mayor of Dunedin is hoping "common sense" will stop anyone trying to ride a Lime scooter down the world's steepest street.

The scooters roll out in the southern city on Thursday, after successful forays into Auckland, Christchurch and Hutt City.

"We're looking forward to the innovative service they will provide," Dave Cull told RadioLIVE on Thursday.

"Twenty percent of our population are tertiary students, so it will be a great boon to them having another option for moving around."

Dunedin is also home to Baldwin St, the world's steepest, but despite the 20,000-strong student population Mr Cull doesn't foresee a dramatic rise in ACC claims.

"They might go up it alright, but it'll be terrifying coming down," he said.

"We'll just have to manage it, and rely on people's common sense. I would think that a Lime scooter coming down Baldwin St would be a danger to pedestrians, but it's a damn sight more dangerous to the person riding it."

Baldwin St.
Baldwin St. Photo credit: Getty

In the first six weeks on Kiwi streets, Lime accidents resulted in nearly 300 ACC claims.

Mr Cull says the council and police have been working closely with the company to ensure the Dunedin rollout doesn't see that number rise.

He says there might need to be some law changes made to make it safer for everyone.

"If you're allowed skateboards on the road, why would you have Lime scooters on the footpath? It seems to be the wrong way around."