'A crack like thunder': Second tree fall incident in South Island

A man has been freed from under a tree after it fell on him at the entrance to Christchurch's Botanic Gardens.

Emergency services were alerted to the incident on Rolleston Ave shortly before 2:30pm.

St John Christchurch Territory Manager Craig Downing says the man is in a moderate condition and is being taken to Christchurch Hospital. 

A witness told Newshub she was walking down the street when she heard people screaming.

"I heard people screaming and then the branch snapped and then the whole tree came down I was just a bit freaked out. 

"There was like a big large crack and everyone started running."

Another witness told Newshub she heard "a crack like thunder".

"I looked over and saw the people standing under the tree and saw the branch come down.

"When you see something like this you're just shocked because these trees are just massive and these winds are incredible."

A Newshub reporter at the scene says there were several people under the tree when it fell. All but one managed to escape themselves. 

There are strong winds in the city with the temperature pushing over 30degC.

Four people were injured after a tree fell on them at the Shotover Jet building in Queenstown on Tuesday.

Police confirmed a Wellington mother and son remain in a serious but stable condition in Dunedin Hospital following the incident. 


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