Father and daughter battle at National Pinball Championship

The National Pinball Championship is underway in Christchurch featuring a heated contest between a father and daughter.

The top 32 competitors have flown in from around the country for the event on Saturday, including 16-year-old Danielle Peck, who has recently been crowned the top female pinball player in the world.

"It can be very competitive, especially when you're getting with me or one of the especially top players, who are very precious about their rankings," Ms Peck said.

She's ranked number two in the world - second only to her father, David Peck.

'Me and Dani are always cut throat, the last tournament we had it was me versus her in the finals, and I had to take her out to win it," he said.

They're pinball fanatics and even have their own personal pinball arcade at home, with 120 machines available around the clock for training.

After hours of training, their skill and pedigree is enough to strike fear into the hearts of their opponents - but it's always close competition.

"I feel like most people are on the ball, because you've got to know where the ball's coming, you've got to know where it's going," said Ms Peck.

The competition will wrap up on Sunday, and while it's anyone's game, it's really a battle between two people.