Four e-scooter ACC injury claims in Dunedin less than a week after Lime launch

Less than a week after the launch of Lime e-scooters in Dunedin, ACC has already received four e-scooter injury claims. 

Lime e-scooters launched in Dunedin on Thursday following their launch in Christchurch, Auckland and the Hutt Valley last year.

"We had four claims from Dunedin up to and including Sunday," an ACC spokesperson told Newshub.

The injuries aren't specifically related to Lime scooters and could be other e-scooters, the spokesperson says.

The only way ACC would know if it was related to a Lime scooter was if the claimant wrote 'Lime scooter' on their claimant form, the spokesperson says.  

ACC relies on the information claimants provide when recording an injury as part of its no-fault scheme. 

In the two weeks after Lime scooters launched in New Zealand in October, ACC had dealt with 38 claims - 27 in Auckland and 11 in Christchurch. 

Exclusive footage filmed by Newshub shows a teenage boy speeding down Dunedin's Baldwin St on a Lime scooter. He is believed to be the first person to successfully tackle the hill. 

Last week, Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull warned people to use their 'common sense' before attempting to ride a Lime scooter down the famed steep street.