Giant kingfish catch amazes Kiwi anglers

Dave with his "over 40kg" catch.
Dave with his "over 40kg" catch. Photo credit: Facebook/Screaming Reels.

An angler in New Zealand has made the catch of a lifetime, pulling in a kingfish weighing around 40kg.

Posted to the Screaming Reels Facebook page on Sunday, the picture, believed to be taken in the Bay of Islands, shows a man known only as "Dave" holding the huge yellowtail kingfish.

There were no measurements provided on the post, but Screaming Reels said the fish "must have been over 40kg".

The post has attracted hundreds of reactions so far.

"That's massive! What a fight that would've been!" one person commented.

New Zealand Angling and Casting Association (NZACA) says nearly all the records for yellowtail kingfish catches are from New Zealand.

The current world record for yellowtail catch is shared between two people, both pulling in a 52kg fish, the first in 1984 and the second in 2007.

Website Megabites Fishing says yellowtail kingfish usually weigh 12-25kg and are a very strong fish.

"It is one fish which will test every muscle in your upper body, especially your arms, shoulders and back."