Gin Wigmore's 'Girl Gang' soundtrack to motivate women to get active

Gin Wigmore's track 'Girl Gang' is the soundtrack to a new initiative trying to get more women and girls active.

'This is ME' started in the Waikato and it's now on a mission to change the perception around what exercise is and why we're doing it. 

This is what Sport Waikato wants women and girls to think of when they get active: real people having fun and getting the blood pumping. 

"There's an emphasis on the high-profile elite athletes who have the peak athletic physiques and then on the other end of the spectrum you have the fitness models who dominate Instagram and there's often a gap in the middle," says Amy Marfell, head of the Women and Girls Initiative. 

A study by Sport NZ last year showed that females participated 12 percent less in physical activity than men. And a lot of the time that's because women feel out of place.

"Sport was created by men for men, so it is often centred on a very competitive model. Lots of training and competition involved and often women and girls aren't interested in that," says Ms Marfell. 

'This is ME' has been around for 12 months in Waitomo and Hauraki districts and it's already having an impact.

"We had a local waka ama club who came along to one of our community activations in the Hauraki District and they actually doubled their numbers," says Ms Marfell. 

The Government has promised $10 million dollars over three years to Sport NZ to help get more women and girls playing sport.

But, even if you do not want to join your local football team or gym, you've still got options.

"It can be kicking a soccer ball around in the back yard with your kids, it can be dance party in your living room, as long as you are doing it in a way that makes you puff," says Ms Marfell. 

The message from Sport Waikato: save your money on that expensive workout gear and get out there with the rest of the girl gang.