Hot nights keeping you awake at night?

Sweltering temperatures are being recorded across the country causing people to have a poor night's sleep.

It's hard enough for adults and children to get a decent night's sleep, but experts are warning babies will require "extra" attention over these hot summer nights.

Hot sunny days have led to nights that are just as warm, but not quite as nice.

This has caused many to have troubled sleeps because of the heat.

The scientific reasoning according to Dr Alex Bartle is that in order to sleep there has to be a drop in your core body temperature. 

"So if it's too hot in our environment, we can't get rid of the heat and we can't sleep," Dr Bartle says. 

This weekend Cantabrians suffered through the hottest night in nearly 50 years with an overnight temperature of around 25 degrees. 

NIWA says it's a flow on from Australia's heat wave. 

"The warm air coming from Australia, it comes down the Southern Alps, on the eastern side, and that keeps the air warm so if you have  windy evening in Canterbury, coming from Australia, that air, it's going to be warm night," NIWA's Chris Brandolino says. 

Metservice expects these hot temperatures to continue for the rest of the week- and while it's a lot easier to cool off during the day time, there are some simple things you can do to help beat the heat overnight. 

Tips to help you sleep: 

  • Close the curtains early in the day
  • Drink cold water
  • Put ice in front of your fan
  • And even leave your sheets in the freezer a while before making your bed

And if you have a baby, be extra vigilant about room temperature, as they're particularly vulnerable.

"They're not as good at thermo regulation as adults are, they don't manage their heat nearly as well as adults," Dr Bartle says. 

And if nothing is working he says, just get out of bed. 

"Sitting outside, watching the stars, feet in a bucket of ice water will cool you down."

Whatever it takes to keep calm, keep cool and carry on as these summer nights heat up.