Irish tourists: Police making enquiries on alleged offences

A group of Irish tourists have been told to "f**k off" from a Hamilton car yard after attempting to trade in their vehicles.

Police are making enquiries into the actions of the group, believed to be from the Irish Traveller community, after media reports of restaurant bills going unpaid, among other offences.

The group had initially been seen in Auckland, but has now made their way to Hamilton after numerous altercations on Auckland's North Shore and central city.

The group's antics first came to light on Sunday when Auckland woman Krista Curnow spotted the group littering on Takapuna Beach in Auckland.

She confronted them and received an ugly response.

"There were about four or five ladies standing around me in a half circle basically egging each other on to hit me."

"At that stage, I backed off a little bit," she said, and that's when a little boy threatened her. The small boy, wearing a Bunnings hat, threatened to knock out her brains.

Irish tourists: Police making enquiries on alleged offences

Since then multiple restaurant owners have come forward alleging the group refused to pay the bill for their meals.

One curry restaurant in Northcote was allegedly left $250 out of pocket after the group refused to pay.

Ms Curnow also told RadioLIVE she noticed many of the group drinking and believed they may be driving as well.

"They are dangerous and I don't think they'll stop at anything and also the drink driving. They've got babies, there was a pregnant lady as well, not good at all."

Social media postings suggest the group travelled to Hamilton on Monday. A spokesperson for the Hamilton Hotel VR confirmed they had booked a two night stay at the hotel.

But they cancelled the second night after being confronted by an NZME reporter and have now moved on.

The spokesperson told Newshub they did not cause any damage at the hotel.

A spokesperson told Newshub police are aware of the media reports and making enquiries. The spokesperson would not comment further.


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