Kayakers rescued in Auckland helicopter search

  • 21/01/2019
Kayakers rescued in Auckland helicopter search
Photo credit: Supplied / Police

Two kayakers have been rescued by helicopter after their vessel had drifted out to sea. 

Police received a phone call from one of the kayakers at around 8:30pm on Sunday night, when it started to get dark and they hadn't been able to get their kayak back to shore. 

Within 25 minutes, the police Eagle helicopter had located the kayak and the picked up the pair, who had been out on the water since 3pm. 

"Eagle located the kayak and stayed with it until we were able to reach them," Sgt Garry Larsen of the Maritime Unit said. 

The kayakers were picked up by police launch Deodar III, a coastal patrol boat. 

They were brought on board by 9:45pm, police said. 

"Thankfully, both people were wearing life jackets, and they'd taken a waterproof cellphone, so they were prepared for the worse and it may have saved their lives," Sgt Larsen said. 

"We'd also advise anyone going out on the water to tell someone where they're going.

"That way they can sound the alarm."