Kitten found in Christchurch rental car bonnet, SPCA search for owner

The SPCA is desperately searching for the owner of a kitten found in the bonnet of a Christchurch rental car. 

The grey tabby kitten was handed into the Christchurch SPCA on Monday after workers at Spaceship Rental company found it tucked up under the bonnet of one its Fortuna rental vehicles. 

Aptly named Fortuna after the vehicle it was found in, the five-month-old kitten has no distinctive marks and isn't desexed. 

"This kitten could have come from anywhere in New Zealand and now we are desperately looking for his family."

Spaceship Rentals Christchurch manager Lisa Shaw told Newshub the Fortuna car had been rented out for about 30 days.

But it's unsure if the kitten had been hiding in that specific vehicle for the entire time it had been rented out or another vehicle in the depo.

When staff heard 'meows' coming from the vehicle on Monday they opened up the bonnet and found the kitten, which then ran off and up another bonnet of a different vehicle.

Ms Shaw said Fortuna looked pretty skinny once staff got him out from the other vehicle so they gave him a can of tuna and rang SPCA.

"We just wanted to make sure he was safe and hopefully finds his owner," Ms Shaw says.

"He is a long way from home as the rental car depo is based in an industrial area by the airport."

People who may have information that could help SPCA find his family are asked to call the Christchurch centre on 03 349 7057. 


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