Kiwi claims to find cash all over lounge with no idea where it came from

An Auckland resident claims he arrived home on Saturday to find cash scattered all over his living room floor, and has no clue how it got there.

Posting to web forum Reddit, Justin O said he and his flatmates had been in and out of the house all day when they arrived home to find $50 and $20 notes everywhere.

"Came home to this in our flat living room, neither flat mates have been home since 2... very confused," he wrote.

He told Newshub there was around $8400 on the floor and says it could have been left by a former flatmate.

"This could be a really out of character thank you gift, although he's not in the financial position to do so."

The Reddit post claimed all the residents are students and work "very student-type jobs", and many commenters have suggested foul play is behind the money's supposed mysterious appearance.

"$50s and $20s I think the bro has been flickin [marijuana]," one person wrote.

"Probs meth money," another wrote.

Carpet covered with $50 and $20 notes.
The cash splashed on the carpet. Photo credit: Reddit

Multiple people suggested calling the police, which Justin O said was the plan, but they didn't want to do it right now or have cops enter the property.

"I'm leaning towards [calling the police]. Just thinking of if it's all legit I'd be pretty f**ked off if a flatmate called the police if it was mine," he said in one comment.

Justin O said nobody in the flat had called the police yet.

"I don't sell drugs or anything like that. Just prefer that the police don't come in unless there's an emergency."

He said the money had not been cleaned up, and he and a flatmate had checked the house for hidden cameras.

"We're pretty spooked," he told Newshub, "the room can be seen from the street so curtains are closed and doors are locked."

Many comments have suggested the post is fake, with suggestions it is either trying to start a viral marketing campaign or simply making things up for the attention.

"I don't wanna be that guy, but ima be that guy and say this is fake," one person wrote.

"You can see their other most recent post (also highly upvoted) was basically debunked as an advert on another subreddit... I'm calling big doubts on this," another said.