Kiwibuild boss Stephen Barclay resigns

The head of KiwiBuild has resigned six months into the role.

Stephen Barclay released a statement saying his resignation from KiwiBuild at the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development will be effective immediately.

It was reported in December that Mr Barclay wasn't working due to an employment dispute.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development said at the time that this was false and Mr Barclay was still in the role.

National housing spokesperson Judith Collins demanded answers over Mr Barclay's apparent resignation, saying "we always wonder if there are personal issues, in which case being told it's a personal issue would be enough explanation".

Now, just a month later, Mr Barclay has confirmed that he has resigned for good.

Kiwibuild promises to build 100,000 affordable homes in 10 years. However, documents obtained by Newshub last year showed that even if the goal was achieved, the housing shortage would still be an issue. 

Population increases mean that Kiwibuild would have to build 40,000 a year - but only 30,000 are likely to be built per year.

Housing Minister Phil Twyford said that he was adamant the shortage could be turned around.

"I would hope that in the next few years, let's say two or three years, we'll see that shortfall whittled away by the supply that is in the pipeline."


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