Landslide reveals human bones in Maketū, Bay of Plenty

Newdicks Beach.
Newdicks Beach. Photo credit: Google Maps

Human bones have been discovered at Maketū in the Bay of Plenty.

Access to Okurei Point has been restricted and that will remain in place for six weeks, according to a prohibition notice posted online.  

"Human remains have been disinterred and fallen into the sea," the notice reads.

It advises people to avoid collecting seafood from Okurei Point, Newdicks Beach and 8km to the south.

"I picked up a thigh bone, two skulls and other bits of bones this morning," the post says.

It's understood the bones were discovered after a "serious" landslide. They were washed into the sea and then came back to land at Maketū.

Te Puke Police confirmed to Newshub they are currently holding the human bones at the station, which were brought there in recent days after apparently being found at Maketū.

"Police have been in touch with the local iwi in relation to returning them to them," a spokesperson said.