Lime scooters set to stay longer as Auckland Council extends trial

Lime scooters look set to continue their ride as Auckland Council plans to extend the trial.

Their license was due to expire on January 14, but it's likely to be pushed out to the end of March.

Love them or loathe them, it's fair to say people have quickly jumped on the Lime scooter craze. More than 100,000 Auckland riders have jumped on board since their launch in October.

Greater Auckland transport advocate Matt Lowrie said they're a great option.

"Aucklanders are loving to use Lime and they're taking cars off the road," he told Newshub.

"People are really wanting to get around the city without having to always drive and take a taxi or some other way, and they're fun to use."

They were brought in on a three-month trial due to end in a fortnight, but it appears they'll be sticking around for at least the next three months.

An internal email from the Office of the Mayor reveals it would allow "time to assess Lime's trial, design any licence conditions and to ensure an ongoing electric scooter service for Auckland".

That would include any safety measures including a potential speed limit - as the scooters doesn't come without risk.

In the first two months of the trial, there were more than 400 e-scooter injury claims around the country, with 251 in Auckland and 141 in Christchurch.

In the first two months of the trial, there were 408 e-scooter injury claims around the country, 251 in Auckland and 141 in Christchurch.
Photo credit: Newshub.

Most of them were due to a loss of balance or control, while 15 were down to collisions.

Mr Lawrie said they're beneficial when it comes down to it, and he hopes they'll get a longer term licence to operate.

"Lime scooters are a revolution, people want to be able to get around without having to always rely on their car," he said.

Christchurch has already extended its trial until February, Auckland Council officials will meet next week to discuss and approve its extension.