Man arrested after spitting on jogger at One Tree Hill

Man arrested after spitting on jogger at One Tree Hill
Photo credit: File

A male jogger accused of spitting on people at Cornwall Park has been arrested.

Police confirmed that the 41-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday evening, following an alleged assault.

The jogger approached a man, and allegedly spat on him, according to police. 

After a verbal dispute, another man stepped in to help the man who had been spat on.

This man was then allegedly assaulted.

A witness told NZME that the jogger spat on the first man, then assaulted the second when he tried to help.

"The other man was telling him not to spit, then the spitter went for him and ended up on top of him on the ground".

According to the witness, a crowd gathered "after he hit the other man to the ground and we were all saying to him to stop, he just casually jogged off".

He then apparently jogged in a circle around the park before returning to the site of the assault.

Police arrived on the scene at Olive Grove, One Tree Hill at 10pm and arrested the alleged spitter.

He is due to appear in Auckland District Court next week, and is being charged with two counts of common assault.

A police spokesperson added that they are not aware of any other incidents of this nature. 



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