Meteor seen flying over New Zealand

The 'meteor'.
The 'meteor'. Photo credit: Sky Sport

A meteor shower has been seen shooting across New Zealand skies.

It was seen above Tauranga on Saturday night and was captured on live cameras covering the Black Caps game against Sri Lanka at Mt Maugnanui. 

"That's a meteor shower apparently," commentator Ian Smith said.

Stephanie Thwaites saw the meteor shower in Te Puke.

She told Newshub she was celebrating her 22nd birthday at a local pub when her father asked her if a rocket was scheduled to be launched on Saturday night.

"We soon realised it was heading SE direction and started recording. Within 30 seconds the bright light disappeared over the south of the horizon," she said. 

Paul Connell described the meteor shower on Twitter as a "bright white vapour or smoke trail travelling roughly north south".

He said it "appeared to be breaking up with bits falling off and burning up," adding that "a minute or two later there was a boom in the distance".

There have been multiple sightings across the country, with many taking to Twitter to share their amazement.

"Meteorite just shot over West [Auckland]!" one Twitter user wrote.

Another said, "Please tell me you all saw that shooting star/meteor that shot across the sky?"

A meteor is a small rocky body from outer space. They're significantly smaller than asteroids and range in size. Most meteors are fragments of comets or asteroids. An estimated 15,000 of them enter Earth's atmosphere each year.