More than 90,000 students haven't checked NCEA results

The wait could be over for 165,000 NCEA students - but so far, 90,000 haven't checked their results online.

No, the website hasn't crashed - it seemd they just don't want to know how they went.

"It's scary," says teenager Emma Coll. "Especially with doing Level 2, it's such a difficult year and you don't want to fail anything."

"Last night I just didn't think about it, I preoccupied myself with other stuff," says friend Emily McGivern.

More than 165,000 students from Levels 1, 2 and 3 could access their results on Tuesday. As always, some things just don't go to plan.

"It's sort of like you expect," says Evelyn Alsemgeest of her results. "Except there are a couple of As and Es splattered in there where you wouldn't think there'd be."

If it's really bad news that doesn't make sense, the Secondary Principals' Association says to stay calm.

"I'd advise students to get in touch with their school because there's time before the middle of February for a few extra credits, if that's what's needed," says Deidre Shea, principal of Onehunga High School.

Students can also order a certificate of achievement for each level they pass, unless they haven't paid the NCEA fee of $76.70.

Some 14,500 people haven't paid. It won't affect their results and many students say they don't want a certificate.

"I'm not going to do it, it's just not worth it," says Grace Hannah-Girven. "It's just a trophy."

Whether families can afford the costs of NCEA could soon be irrelevant. A review of the qualification will go before the Education Minister early this year, and one of the recommendations is to scrap all fees.