New Zealanders make fun of lukewarm 'heatwave'

Summer is here, and much of New Zealand is sweltering as temperatures soar past 30degC in some parts. However, not all of the country is suffering through the heat.

While Blenheim hits the 30s, places like Dunedin and Wellington have struggled to hit the 20s, leaving residents wondering where the heatwave they've been promised is.

People on social media have been making fun of the supposedly extreme weather.

"21 degrees in Wellington, I had to open a window," one poster wrote.

A Dunedin resident told Twitter of his intense experience in the "heatwave" writing, "Dunedin heat wave update. 19.8 degrees. Paused, briefly, while walking up the stairs. STAY TUNED."

A few hours later, an update was posted: "Currently 19.6 degrees. Took my socks off. Madness."

Another person tweeted saying, "You'd think listening to media in NZ that this "heat wave" was the end of days. It's really not that hot, it's summer".

However, to some Kiwis, the weather is no joke.

"Did we accidentally become part of Australia? It's 34 f***ing degrees! I'm melting!" wrote one Twitter user.

It's not just people who are melting either - New Zealand Transport agency issued an apology after roads melted under the scorching sun, leaving cars coated in bitumen.

Experts are warning those in the hotter areas to stay hydrated and be cautious as temperatures reach dangerously high levels.

Elderly people and children are most vulnerable when it comes to extreme temperatures, and health officials are advising anyone in the warmer areas of New Zealand to drink water, and ensure they are being sun safe to avoid heatstroke.