Passing lanes blocked to stop returning holidaymakers driving dangerously

  • 13/01/2019

A second wave of people on holiday are expected to return to major cities this weekend.

The New Zealand Transport Authority is taking extra measures to keep traffic free flowing as people head back for work.

Dylan Thomsen from the AA expects it'll be bumper to bumper in some places.

"A bunch of people would have come back last weekend and already be back at work, so that would have split the traffic a little bit."

Mr Thomsen says people need to take it slow and go with the flow when heading back home.

Passing lanes in some places will be blocked off. Mr Thomsen says it will stop unnecessary overtaking.

"Just having one lane of traffic continuously flowing works better than having those two lanes opening up and then having to merge back again."

Mr Thomsen says bad driving behaviour is more common with people stuck in traffic.

"You can see people start to do overtaking manoeuvres when they shouldn't, following too close - all those things that we don't want to see happening on the road."

Eight people died in the recent official holiday period, and last year's toll was a decade-high 379.


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