'Quite intimidating': Auckland man threatened over filming illegal railway crossing

An Auckland man says he felt intimidated when another man threatened him filming him drive across a railway line while the safety barriers were down. 

The man, who did not want to be named, had been waiting at the crossing on Opaheke Rd in Papakura for about 10 minutes on Sunday when the incident unfolded.

The barriers at the railway line, which has both north and south bound tracks, were down as a train was sitting on the tracks. 

The man said a number of people put their lives in danger driving over the tracks without being able to see if a train was approaching. 

But it was the man who made a conscious effort to get out of his car, run across the tracks and threaten him not to film him drive over the railway line who frightened him the most. 

"It was quite intimidating. I have no idea why he would do that. I didn't know if he had a weapon or was going to be violent," the anonymous man told Newshub. 

In the video the man can be seen crossing the lines on foot before saying "I am going to drive through there and you are not going to video me or else I am going to come and take your phone off you". 

The man then runs back over the lines to his vehicle then drives over the railway. 

Despite putting his cell phone away the incident was all recorded on the man's dashcam camera. 

"One train was stationary, but there easily could have been another coming from the other direction. He doesn't look, comes across then threatens me. A train could come up from behind.

"He decided to cross the tracks three times to intimidate me then break the law anyway. It isn't about him crossing the tracks it's about him intimidating me."

In New Zealand it is illegal to drive around railway barriers while they are down. And as frustrating as it can be waiting for a train, people should not drive through the barriers, KiwiRail says.


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