Rowdy tourists: 26-year-old arrested for theft in Hamilton

A 26-year-old connected to the rowdy tourists who caused destruction across New Zealand has been arrested and charged with theft in Hamilton.

Police told Newshub the woman would appear in Hamilton District Court on Wednesday.

It comes after members of the group were served with deportation liability notices at a Hamilton Burger King on Tuesday.

The fast food outlet's staff rung police when the group began to make trouble, including walking through the drive through. 

Six police officers responded, as well as two uniformed immigrations officers.

NZME report the group of tourists, who sparked outrage for littering at Takapuna Beach and allegedly abusing a woman, were pulled over for police and warned about inappropriate child restraints.

Two of three children aged under five in the car were reportedly not in the correct restraints.

Rowdy tourists: 26-year-old arrested for theft in Hamilton

The group have also been accused of fleeing restaurants without paying for food and for causing excessive damage to an apartment they stayed in for a week.

Sufi Muhammad, Star Queens Service Apartment manager, said: "she didn't pay for Saturday, and on Saturday the apartment was totally mess, broken television even the toilet was leaking".

He said the group requested a year-long lease but were instead offered a studio apartment for a week why they accepted before breaking into a bigger apartment and making themselves home.

Mr Muhammad said he felt intimidated and threatened, and when they started stealing cleaning equipment and linen he asked them to leave.

On Monday, the group tried to trade their two vehicles in for one at a Hamilton car dealership, but when staff checked the van they found five children in the back with no seats.

"He was pretty arrogant, soon as he walked in, he approached my boss with a rude voice and rarked everyone up, a lot of arrogance on his side," said Wiremu, a staff member at the dealership.

But one of the group's members claim they are the victims, saying his nephew was slapped by another boy at Takapuna Beach and they consequently left intimidated.

One member said they will now leave the country on Wednesday.