Rowdy tourists allegedly leave spaghetti, cigarettes strewn across motel

The band of rowdy British tourists who have caused trouble across New Zealand have allegedly left a huge mess in a Wellington motel room. 

While the group booked and paid to stay at the motel, a cleaner told the Daily Mail that Red Bull cans and spaghetti had been left strewn across the room on Saturday morning. 

The motel worker, who did not want to be named, said it took "hours" to clean up the mess, and the room the group stayed in "smelt like kids' poo". 

"I think they were dirty people, we had to wash everything," she told the British tabloid. 

The employee said the group - who have allegedly refused to pay for meals at restaurants across the country - damaged the motel room floor, and claims items have gone missing from the room. 

The group's booking was made under the name 'Eileen', according to the employee. 

There were supposed to be four adults and two children staying in the room, but when they showed up, the worker said there were at least seven people over the age of 15 and two young children. 

The family's movements down the North Island have been carefully followed by the world's media, with accusations the group caused issues at a Hamilton Burger King, and one of the members has been convicted of theft.

A member of the group, John Johnson, and his father James, spoke to Newshub on Friday about the outrage they have faced since a video was posted on Sunday a week ago showing the group at Takapuna Beach, where they were accused of littering and abusing beachgoers.

While Mr Johnson hit out at Kiwis' reactions, he said the group are living in fear in the mountains north of Wellington, desperate to get home to England but too scared to go out in public.

Members of the group have now been served deportation notices by Immigration New Zealand, and Mr Johnson says the family have booked flights out of Wellington next week - but they fear they'll be attacked at the airport.

"My message to New Zealand is that it's a beautiful country. We would never treat your country in this kind of way. It was all a big misunderstanding and I believe we've been treated very badly, and I believe that we should be left alone and we're badly bullied."


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