Rowdy tourists: Brother of group member says their names have been 'trashed'

A UK based member of the family of unruly tourists that caused havoc across the North Island has come out to clear their name.

The brother of Larry Doran, the husband of 55-year-old matriarch Barbara Doran, told The Times the family is a nice group that would never commit the crimes they were accused of while in New Zealand.

"The family name has been dragged through the mud. They are law abiding and go to church, we all do," Mr Doran's brother told The Times.

"No way would they do all of this. They wouldn't do a thing like that. Larry said he went to hell when he got off the plane."

Members of the group have been accused of theft, skipping out on restaurant bills, trashing hotel rooms and littering.

One member of the group, Tina Marie Cash, pleaded guilty to two counts of theft in the Hamilton District Court on January 16.

Several members of the group were served with deportation liability notices after an incident at a Burger King in Hamilton.

Mr Doran's brother told The Times the group paid $19,000 for a dream holiday in New Zealand, which has now been ruined by the controversy.

He also said the group's unofficial spokesperson, initially known as John Johnson and later Joe Doran, is actually called Miley Doran.

Newshub previously reported Miley Doran was Joe Doran's wife after it was reported by the Daily Mail Australia.

The group is believed to be on its way out now and four people reportedly flew out of Auckland International Airport on Tuesday.

Other members of the group, including John Johnson/Joe Doran/ Miley Doran, remain in New Zealand.

None of the group that left had been served with deportation liability notices, NZME reports.


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