Rowdy tourists' Bunnings hat listed for sale on Trade Me

Rowdy tourists' Bunnings hat listed for sale on Trade Me
Photo credit: TradeMe/Julie208

A Trade Me user has listed what they claim is the now infamous Bunnings hat worn by the young boy who is part of the "rowdy tourists."

Aucklander Krista Curnow filmed the group of tourists at Takapuna Beach on Sunday leaving litter all over the pace and being abusive.

The child, who is reported to be four-years-old, ranted at her saying he would "knock her brains out."

The group made further headlines for other antics in the upper North Island, including shoplifting and not paying for meals.

One member of the group was charged in the Hamilton District Court yesterday for stealing items including a rope and an energy drink from an Auckland service station.

The Trade Me listing, posted by user julie208, claims the hat was found discarded on Takapuna Beach, where the tourists were first filmed.

It is described as a "very attractive and stylish hat" in "used condition".

"I cannot be responsible for any obscenities that may flow from your mouth or rude hand gestures while wearing the hat," says the listing.

There have been 21 bids on the hat so far, it now sits on $100.

One question on the listing asks if the hat will give the wearer anger issues.

The seller has claimed that the money made will be donated to Mercy Hospice.

There is no confirmation that this is the same hat worn by the young tourist, considering the listing is from Tauranga it seems unlikely the buyer will get an authenticity certificate with their purchase.