Auckland Caltex staff claim rowdy tourists stole their Christmas tree

The rowdy group of tourists who littered at Takapuna Beach, abused beach-goers, and allegedly ripped restaurants off, can apparently add stealing a piece of a Caltex petrol station's Christmas to their list of Kiwi adventures.

On Wednesday, Tina Maria Cash, one of the tourists, was convicted after pleading guilty to stealing rope, energy drinks and sunglasses from an Albany Caltex store over two visits.

But according to staff at the petrol station, they had seen the hecklers before after the group struck in early December, stealing a Christmas tree and other items.

CCTV footage captures the moment a group exits the store, with a child appearing to be carrying the Christmas tree.

At the Hamilton District Court on Wednesday, one of Cash's friends told media she had committed the thievery because "she felt like it".

Dipesh Patel, who works at the Caltex, told Newshub the group seemed to have the confidence and courage to "just do it... they don't care".

"[Cash] took a full pack of Red Bull and one of the child took the sunglasses and something else... a rope as well."

Cash has been ordered to pay $55.20 in reparations.

On Tuesday, members of the group were served with a deportation liability notice. If they are deported, the group face being banned from New Zealand for five years.