Rowdy tourists: Group splits, four flee country - report

The first members of a group of rowdy tourists that caused havoc across New Zealand have left the country.

A group of at least 12 have been accused of not paying for meals, trashing hotel rooms and littering during their stay in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington.

One member of the group, Tina Marie Cash, pleaded guilty to two counts of theft in the Hamilton District Court and was sentenced to pay $55.20 in reparations.

Now the group is on their way out, with NZME reporting a group of four boarded a flight to Hong Kong from Auckland Airport on Tuesday afternoon.

Other members of the group were again spotted in central Auckland on Tuesday after previously being seen in Wellington and Hamilton.

The group's unofficial spokesperson, Joe Doran, was spotted returning to a beat up Honda Odyssey at around 4:45pm on Tuesday.

Mr Doran, who had been going by the name John Johnson, refused to speak to an NZME reporter nearby.

The Daily Mail Australia revealed the group's true identities on Tuesday after getting in touch with 55-year-old grandmother Barbara Doran.

Ms Doran said she had felt "tortured" during her stay in New Zealand after public opinion quickly turned against the family.

She denied claims the family were thieves and troublemakers.

"'If I haven't got the money, I would not go into that restaurant. I would not go into a shop if I haven't got the money to pay for something that I want.

"I've never done it in England, I'm not going to come and do it here."


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