Rowdy tourists still rowdy, still swearing before departing New Zealand

The group of rowdy tourists that have caused havoc across the country are reportedly leaving New Zealand.

At least four of the group were expected to be on an international flight this afternoon after they were spotted at Auckland's International Airport with luggage, NZME reports. 

The tourists were allegedly back up to their bad habits after being spotted at a petrol station in Hunterville on Monday.

Passing through the small North Island town locals described them as "rowdy and swearing".

"They were swearing and carrying on with each other," Newshub was told by one person who dealt with them.

It is believed at least one member of the group in Hunterville was at Auckland International Airport on Tuesday morning.

The ringleader, an unofficial family spokesperson identified as Joe Doran, appears to have attempted to disguise himself by dyeing his hair a lighter colour. It hasn't worked.

"He's got red hair now," Newshub was told.

A video taken on Tuesday showed Mr Doran with orange-blond hair.

There are believed to be 12-15 members in the family. Moving up and down New Zealand, they have left behind a trail of theft and filth.

In Auckland, they were filmed abandoning piles of rubbish on Takapuna Beach and accused of abusing members of the public.

After fleeing down to Levin, the group reportedly trashed their motel room. A motel cleaner told the Daily Mail that, after the group departed, their room "smelt like kids' poo" and was strewn with Red Bull cans and spaghetti.

"I think they were dirty people, we had to wash everything," she told the British tabloid.

Some members of the group have been served deportation notices by Immigration New Zealand and will leave this week, but it's not clear where from.

The group said they were carrying on through to Taihape - and Auckland could be once again in the firing line.

"They said their destination was Auckland," Newshub was told. "I presume they lied about flying out of Wellington."


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