Rowdy tourists spotted at Tawa petrol station - report

After causing chaos in Auckland and Hamilton and briefly stopping over in Levin, the group of rowdy tourists have apparently hit Tawa, north of Wellington, for the next stop on their adventures

On the Facebook page 'Gypsy Scammers in NZ' - which has been inundated with interest from Kiwis following the group on their adventure across the country - photos supposedly of the tourists at the Z petrol station in Tawa have emerged.

Bart Blithe, who took the images at roughly 2:15pm, said no one from the group had stolen anything after he "warned staff and followed them around".

On Wednesday, one of the group, Tina Maria Cash, was convicted after being charged on two counts of theft related to items taken from an Albany Caltex station.

While staff at the Tawa store were unable to confirm to Newshub if the group had been through due to the large amount of customers they see each day, Mr Blithe said the tourists "had a smoke and bought a Coke, charged a phone for a few minutes and left".

He said he believed there were three adults and at least one child, and that they were heading south.

The unruly group slept at a Levin motel on Wednesday night, with the motelier telling Newshub they were polite people and would be welcomed back.

Whether they will be happily welcomed back to Auckland and Hamilton is a different story, however, with members of the group abused on Wednesday after having caused trouble at a Hamilton Burger King, littering on a Takapuna Beach and fleeing restaurants without paying bills.