Rowdy tourists: Thief claims she was put in cell with armed robber

One of the infamous group of British tourists has claimed she's been vomiting up blood since spending a night in jail.

Tina Marie Cash claimed to the Daily Mail she was put in a cell with a woman serving 13 years for armed robbery, after being accused of knicking a can of Red Bull.

"I told her what I was in for and she burst out laughing," Cash told the British tabloid.

But according to the Department of Corrections, remand prisoners are not kept with prisoners serving sentences.

Cash, 26 and seven months pregnant, pleaded guilty to two counts of theft in Hamilton District Court on Wednesday. She was fined $55.20. She claimed she's been vomiting up blood since the arrest.

Cash is just one of around 12 British tourists whose drama-filled New Zealand holiday has made headlines here and internationally, after confrontations with the Kiwi public and reports of rowdy behaviour.

She told the Mail her family has had no respect from the New Zealand public.

"If people come to the UK, they have rights. What are our rights here? We have none."

Another member of the group, John Johnson, told the paper the reason they didn't pick up their rubbish on Takapuna Beach - the indiscretion which started the furore - was because a seven-year-old member of the group had been attacked.

"We asked, 'Could you stop hitting him and pinning him against the tree?' and they called us all sorts of names and threatened us. That's why we couldn't pick the rubbish up."

Mr Johnson told Newshub on Friday "white" New Zealanders had ruined their holiday.

"The Māori culture is a beautiful culture and they are the ones that treated us in the right way," he told Newshub.

"The only people that treated us in the right respect were the Māori culture."

Their present location is unknown. They last claimed to be hiding somewhere north of Wellington.


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