Rowdy tourists threaten Phil Goff with court action after disastrous holiday

The rowdy group of tourists who have plagued New Zealand over the past week are calling for Auckland Mayor Phil Goff to lose his job.

In an exclusive interview with Newshub's Cleo Fraser, member of the family John Johnson complained they had been "treated like animals" - and warned legal action could be an option.

After leaving the ground covered in trash at Auckland's Takapuna Beach, Mr Goff responded by calling the group "trash" and "leeches".

"They're a bunch of arseholes," Mr Goff told bFM's Mikey Havoc.

"They're worse than pigs and I'd like to see them out of the country."

His comments have infuriated Mr Johnson, who told Newshub Mr Goff is supposed to be the "leader for the city".

"It's not a third-world country and I believe a third-world country wouldn't even act like this," he says.

"He turned around and started calling us pigs, Irish this that and the other, we're garbage. And I don't think he should actually be the mayor and running any town or city what he's running - I'm not sure what he's running.

"But I believe that you should lose your job for that reason because he should not be shite-talking about other people."

Mr Johnson told Newshub the group have been "badly bullied" and have lost their holiday and a lot of money.

"We don't want to take appropriate action, legal actions against anybody and we were contacted by a very, very high solicitor in London. Said he wanted to take this to Brussels, take this to the European Court of Human Rights, okay," he says.

"Said he wants to take the case and he also wants to take a case against the mayor and the social media."

Fortunately for New Zealand and Mr Goff, Mr Johnson says they're a "respectable family" and would prefer to live in peace.

"We're not the kind of people that likes to bite back. We just want to be left alone," he says.

"We don't want to bite back. But we are talking as a family. I believe it is appropriate to do it, in one respect as how we've been treated.

"But we believe that this is a Commonwealth country that's part of the UK. We have every right to be in this country."

New Zealand is not part of the UK and the group do not have every right to be here. They have been served deportation notices by Immigration New Zealand and will be leaving next week.


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