Rowdy tourists' true identities revealed

The identities of the group of 'rowdy tourists' causing havoc across the North Island have been revealed.

Daily Mail Australia reported the unofficial family spokesperson known as "John Johnson" is actually named Joe Doran.

The oldest member of the group, 55-year-old Barbara Doran, told the Daily Mail she was too scared to sleep at night, and was being "tortured" by the country.

"I'm not going to go and get food without paying for it. I'm not going to put myself that low," she said.

"'If I haven't got the money, I would not go into that restaurant. I would not go into a shop if I haven't got the money to pay for something that I want.

"I've never done it in England, I'm not going to come and do it here."

Ms Doran's son, who has told reporters that his name was "John Johnson", but is in fact called Joe Doran, has sparred with media across the country as members of his family face accusations of unruly behaviour.

Joe Doran is married to Miley Doran, who is also with the group in New Zealand.

There are believed to be 12-15 members of the family visiting New Zealand, and in a phone call with Newshub, Mr Doran said some of the group were hiding outside Wellington in their van with fears over their safety.

Mr Doran has claimed that they have not stolen anything from any stores in New Zealand, despite one relative pleading guilty to stealing Red Bull, rope, and sunglasses from a service station.

He told Newshub last week that the family is respectable and have treated New Zealand with respect.

"We would never treat your country in this kind of way. It was all a big misunderstanding and I believe we've been treated very badly, and I believe that we should be left alone and we're badly bullied."

Over the weekend, the group was accused of trashing their hotel room, and leaving it "stinking of kid's poo".

A motel cleaner in Levin told the Daily Mail Australia that there were cigarette butts and empty Red Bull cans strewn around the room.

The British group initially made headlines after leaving a pile of trash at Takapuna beach over a week ago.

Members of the group were handed deportation notices after an altercation at a Hamilton Burger King last week and Mr Doran says they have booked flights out of Wellington but have fears they'll be attacked at the airport.


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