Screaming woman dragged by car in south Auckland crash aftermath

A PB Tech ad for a dashcam has been getting attention online after it used real footage of a staff member's car crash.

The nearly two minute video uploaded to YouTube last week shows dashcam footage of the staff member's car being rear-ended on Manukau's Great South Rd.

The first few seconds after the crash seem normal as the staff member gets out of the car to speak to the other driver, but things quickly turn to custard.

A woman exits the car and begins shouting as witnesses arrive and get involved. The woman then opens the door to get back into the car, but it suddenly drives away and she is dragged along the ground before letting go in the middle of a pedestrian crossing.

She eventually manages to catch up with the car she after it pulled over slightly further on down the road.

The ad ends with a shot of her getting back into the car after it pulled over for her.

"Without a dashcam, would anyone have believed you?" the ad says, before going on to share the price of a model of dashcam for sale at PB Tech.

Newshub has contacted PB Tech for comment.



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