Six-year-old boy's wheelchair stolen in Whangarei

Woman turning wheel of wheelchair
Photo credit: Getty

Taking candy from a baby is nothing compared to this - a six-year-old boy in Whangarei has had his wheelchair stolen.

Drew Mita-Tepania can't walk and relies on his chair to get around. He is now left with nothing.

The yellow wheelchair and his disabled parking permit were stolen from his parents' driveway, along with their Subaru, NZME reports.

Although the car was found dumped nearby, the chair and the permit are still missing.

Drew's mother, Joyce Tepania, shared a post on Facebook asking for help getting his wheelchair back. While the post has been shared more than 300 times, the wheelchair has yet to be recovered.

She told NZME the chair was custom-made for her son, nicknamed 'Boogie', who has global development delay and hypotonia.

"Just give it back. It's of no use to anyone else but Boogie," she said.

Ms Tepania said Drew is too heavy for her to carry and she recently injured her back while trying.

The family are trying to get a replacement chair, but the stolen one was designed specifically for the young boy.



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