Swimmer missing at Hunua Falls

A swimmer has been reported missing at Hunua Falls in Auckland.

Police say they were called there just after 2.30pm to reports of a person missing.

A Search and Rescue team is there and the police chopper was also deployed.

Police said in a statement the access way to the falls is closed. 

Hunua Falls is a popular swimming spot, the waterfall is about 30 metres high and despite advice from officials people have in the past have jumped from the top.  

In 2016, two teenagers died in two separate drowning incidents at the fall, prompting calls for the Council to stop people swimming here.

The pool at the bottom of the falls is almost 20 metres deep with a steep drop off where swimmers can find themselves in trouble very quickly.

A man is also missing at Ramarama swimming hole, police said.  

A man went under the water in a swimming hole off Pratts Road, and has failed to surface.

The incident was reported at 4:50pm.