'Treated like animals': Rowdy tourists crash car after Aucklanders 'made threats'

Members of the notorious group of rowdy tourists crashed their car in Māngere after allegedly being threatened by the public.

The family was driving a grey Honda Odyssey driving down Thomas Rd at about midday on Thursday when it hit a curb at the intersection of Massey Rd.

A member of the family, who said his name was James, told Newshub they crashed after a member of the public yelled and made threats towards the group. He said the driver was "scared and distracted" by the insults.

James said he was shaken and that his family was being treated like animals. He claimed he had hurt his arm during the crash, and that there were children in the vehicle, although none were hurt.

The intersection of Thomas Rd and Massey Rd in Māngere, Auckland.
The intersection of Thomas Rd and Massey Rd in Māngere, Auckland. Photo credit: Google Maps

James said his son, the man previously known as John Johnson, had provided a false name to Newshub during an exclusive interview because of safety concerns. He said his son had since left the country.

The rest of the family also plans to leave the country, but he wouldn't confirm when.

James again denied the family had done anything wrong. He said it was a case of mistaken identity and that it was in fact another group of people that have caused trouble up and down the North Island in the last couple of weeks.

Photos taken by NZME soon after the crash show the vehicle with two flat tyres and a blown passenger airbag. 

The UK family, who have caused havoc up and down the North Island during their visit to New Zealand, were seen getting into a grey Odyssey outside Hamilton District Court on January 16.

Tina Maria Cash, 26, was accused of stealing rope, energy drinks and sunglasses from a Caltex station in Albany. She pleaded guilty and was ordered to pay $55.20 in reparations.


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