Troy Skinner: Father's final plea to get his son back to New Zealand

The father of a New Zealander shot during a US home invasion is now making a final plea for his son to be sent home.

Troy Skinner was shot in the neck last June, while allegedly breaking into the home of a 14-year-old girl he met online.

It's almost seven months to the day since Troy Skinner is alleged to have committed the heinous crime, and for his dad George Skinner, it still really hurts.

"Myself personally, I can't say enough because I want to see him."

Skinner was shot last year by the mother of a 14-year-old girl he had been chatting to online.

The Aucklander flew to Virginia - attempting to break into the girl's home armed with a knife, duct tape and pepper spray.

George says after sentencing his son should be sent home to serve his time, avoiding federal prison.

"It's a really hard one, not that any penal system isn't. But I would prefer he came back here to serve his sentence."

But George does have some hope.

Lawyers have halted his sentencing while they work on a plea deal, which could see Skinner serve less time behind bars.

George hopes that can help his case for deportation. New Zealand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs is assisting Troy Skinner's family while this goes on.

It says New Zealand has no prisoner-exchange agreement with the US, making it difficult for him to be sent back.

But legal experts say he "may" be deported back if US authorities can be convinced he won't get special treatment when he's back home.

Auckland University Law Professor Dr Bill Hodge says "he would have to do it and he would only do it if it's with a jurisdiction he can trust, that had respect and had integrity - and I think New Zealand meets all those requirements".

George Skinner says he knows his son deserves a strong punishment, and acknowledged the hurt felt by the victims.

But says he will keep standing beside his son.

"[The] best fight I can do is support him and make sure he knows that - because when they know someone is there for you, there's hope."

Troy Skinner is back in court in two weeks.


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