Unruly tourists allegedly 'lied' to get Wellington motel room

The unruly tourist group who have angered New Zealanders with their holiday exploits allegedly "lied" to get a Wellington motel room.

A woman, who appeared to be in her 40s, told Newlands Court Motel manager Wayne Xuan that the group had booked a studio room when she hadn't.

The studio rooms can only accommodate one or two people, but the manager told Newshub he saw the car the woman had come from outside, where about six people were waiting.

"I said it's not allowed, you have to book a family unit," Mr Xuan said.

He said the woman, who showed up in the afternoon, didn't want to book the larger room as it was too expensive.

"They didn't stay because I said you can't [fit] six people into a studio - it's too small," Mr Xuan told Newshub. 

"I showed them the big unit but they said they can't afford it so they left."

Mr Xuan said the group were "a little bit rude" and "a bit strange".

He said the group hadn't even checked in and yet the children were "already in the room".

A television reporter was waiting at the entrance of the motel, which Mr Xuan suspects triggered them to leave. 

The group was earlier sighted in Wellington on Thursday at a Z Tawa service station at around 2pm. Staff members were reportedly told to keep an eye on the travellers as they have a history of causing havoc. 

The tourists are understood to be British, which prompted the British High Commissioner to New Zealand, Laura Clarke, to speak out on Thursday. 

"I can't tell British visitors what to do. I think that would be overreaching my powers," she told Newstalk ZB. 

"The vast majority of British tourists who come here have an extraordinary time and behave really well and this is the exception."

Unruly tourists allegedly 'lied' to get Wellington motel room
Photo credit: Newshub

The group first made waves on Sunday when they were confronted by a group at Takapuna Beach in Auckland after they allegedly left rubbish behind.

The young woman who approached them said she was threatened by members of the group and video shows a young boy telling her he'll knock her brains out.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff labelled the group "a***holes" and "trash" in an interview with an Auckland radio station this week. He said they "shouldn't even be here". 

Since then multiple restaurant owners have come forward alleging the group refused to pay the bill for their meals. One curry restaurant in Northcote was allegedly left $250 out of pocket after the group refused to pay.

The unruly tourists were caught on CCTV at a Hamilton car dealership.
The unruly tourists were caught on CCTV at a Hamilton car dealership. Photo credit: Newshub

The tourists then moved on to Hamilton, where a 26-year-old connected to them was arrested and charged with theft. Members of the group were served with deportation liability notices at a Hamilton Burger King on Tuesday.

"There are a number of reasons [including] breaching the conditions of their visa, criminal offending or other matters relating to character and two of those fall into this category," Howard Levarko, Chalkhills Immigration manager, told Newstalk ZB. 

But not everyone is convinced the travellers are bad people. 

A motel employee in Levin, who asked not to be named, said the tourist group arrived in the North Island town at around 9.30pm on Wednesday night, and were "polite". 

He said he spoke to a "young lady" who he described as "polite and to the point" but not very "informative".

The tourist group "would be welcome back again," he told Newshub. 

Levin Mayor Michael Feyen warned people in the area on Thursday to watch out for tourist group after they caused trouble in Auckland and Hamilton.

But the motel worker said the warning was "over the top" and said he hadn't witnessed any reason to suggest they were bad people.