Unruly tourists leave Wellington motel room bloody and soiled

Members of the travelling tourist family who have caused chaos throughout New Zealand are being accused of trashing a Wellington motel room.

The manager detailed her experience of the family on Chinese language news site Skykiwi.

The manager of the motel, who wished for herself and her business to remain anonymous, says a woman between the ages of 25-30 arrived on Sunday afternoon, and asked for a room for herself, another adult and a child. 

The woman did not have a reservation, and although the room cost $165, she said she only had $130 and would pay the excess the following day.

The woman told the manager she was planning to stay for a week.

She says that the following morning, the woman didn't show up to pay her excess. 

Upon visiting the room, she was horrified to see six people in the room and three children.

The carpet of the motel
The carpet of the motel Photo credit: Skykiwi/supplied

"At the time, I realised I was completely cheated and trapped by this family" she told Skykiwi.

She says she recognised one of the men from media coverage of the family's chaotic antics, and asked if they were going to be staying longer.

One of the adults in the room told her that another person had gone downstairs to pay, but when she got down there, nobody was there. 

"When I came back to their room, all the people are gone. I was fooled again" she wrote.

Damage to the wall of the room
Damage to the wall of the room Photo credit: Skykiwi/supplied

The room looked like it had been "blown up" and the floor was covered in cigarette butts. 

Towels left behind
Towels left behind Photo credit: Skykiwi/supplied

The carpet was stained and someone had put a hole in the wall.  Luggage racks had been broken, and the bed was blood-stained. The family had also left towels and underwear scattered over the floor.

Soiled tissues left by the occupants
Soiled tissues left by the occupants Photo credit: Skykiwi/supplied

On Monday afternoon, another young couple checked in. The manager didn't recognise them, but was cautious due to her experience with the family the previous day. 

They paid $130 in cash, were rude and said they had no ID. Suspicious that the couple would give their key to others, the manager called the police. 

The police checked the couple's information, and told the motel manager it was likely they were from the infamous family. 

The manager says she decided to ask them to leave.

"I thought about it and decided to go talk to them first. At first, they were not willing to go, but when I mentioned that the media might appear, the woman began to pack up quickly."



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