'Vicious predator': Woman lucky to survive horrific Waiheke attack

Police are hunting for the "scum" who king-punched and strangled her.
Police are hunting for the "scum" who king-punched and strangled her. Photo credit: Raven Torea / Supplied

A woman has been left "battered" and "shocked" and her holiday ruined after a vicious attack on Waiheke Island.

Raven Torea was visiting the island last week when an unknown man launched his unprovoked assault on Palm Road.

"He came from behind me and king-punched me in the face so hard I went face-first into the concrete," she wrote on Facebook.

"He then continued to assault me and strangle me, before he picked me up and threw me over the fence and down a bank."

Her life was saved by a man who was checking his mailbox nearby and scared the attacker off. Ms Torea had been "pretty much knocked out" and now faced a desperate climb to safety.

"I didn't come to until I hit the ground... I just had to crawl back up the bank," she told Newshub.

"I just had to get over the fence, but I was so weak. Your body just shuts down."

Ms Torea was rushed to the Auckland Hospital for medical treatment. Photos posted to Facebook show the extent of her injuries, which left her with a mild concussion, a badly bruised face and bloody mouth.

The assault left her with mild concussion.
The assault left her with mild concussion. Photo credit: Raven Torea / Supplied

Police say they are investigating the brutal incident, and are asking for information from the public.

"Police are investigating an incident where a female was assaulted by a male on January 22 on Waiheke Island," says Waiheke Island Police Sergeant Martin Felton. "Enquiries are ongoing including canvassing CCTV footage."

The man hasn't been caught yet, and Ms Torea is worried he's still out there and could attack again.

"He just gets to be free with no repercussions," she told Newshub.

The attack happened on Palm Road.
The attack happened on Palm Road. Photo credit: Raven Torea / Supplied

A Givealittle page started to help with Ms Torea and her partner Glenn with her expenses was created by accommodation provider Niki O'Brien, who wants to show that "Waiheke cares".

"Facing recovery from physical and psychological injury instead of the anticipated holiday in Waiheke's sanctuary, you are entitled to be angry," Ms O'Brien stated.

"What struck me was Glenn's comment 'we know this is a lovely island, it was the person, not the place'. Glenn's generosity made me want to affirm his belief in Waiheke.

"As the strong community that we are, let's shine a light on this dark behaviour. In the process we'll both protect our own and show these guests some love."

And Ms Torea has a message to the "vicious predator" who attacked her.

"To the piece of scum who thought it was okay to put your hands on me, to take another life for your pleasure, to make me feel weak and alone, helpless and scared, I hope karma gets you in the ugliest way possible," Ms Torea wrote on Facebook.

"The world does not need people like you, we do not need you to taint our beautiful world or the people in it. You are a vicious predator and you prowell on innocent woman who are unaware their lives are about to change [sic].

"You will not taint me nor bring me down. I am a strong and I will heal, I will never forget and yes it will scar me for the rest of my life, but I will never let you control my life because I have so much to live for!!!"


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