Watch: Kiwis celebrate 2019 New Year with fireworks across New Zealand

Auckland's celebratory New Year's fireworks may be getting attention all around the world, but they weren't the only displays across the country.

All around New Zealand, other cities and towns hosted their own spectacular New Year's celebrations.

In Napier, a family-friendly fireworks display at 9:45pm meant the little ones could still take part, before the grand finale at midnight.

Perched at the top of the South Island, Picton opened its celebrations to out-of-towners. Revellers were bussed in from nearby Blenheim to ring in the New Year at Picton Harbour, with a flash of lights and explosions in the sky.

Meanwhile further south in Dunedin, the year was kicked off with a single cannon shot at midnight, thrilling crowds gathered at the Octagon.

Police said Kiwis were well-behaved nationwide, with no major arrests to mar the New Year celebrations.

Watch the video to see the different firework displays.