Watch: Man rides La-Z-Boy on Lime down Dunedin street

A Dunedin man has ridden a La-Z-Boy on top of a Lime around the corner from where a woman was seriously injured in a scooter accident just days ago.

Jay Bud was filmed making his way up and down Great King St, a one-way street, sitting atop the couch which he'd balanced on a Lime scooter.

He seemed to be using the cycle lane.

He told Newshub he filmed the stunt for a Facebook group called 'Dunedin Lime antics', in which members post videos of them using the scooters in creative and often dangerous ways.

"We are trying to embrace fun things to do with the scooters," he says, adding that he was bored and thought putting a La-Z-Boy on a Lime would be "fun to do and different". 

In response to the video, police have advised New Zealanders to prioritise safety when using any kind of vehicle, whether it's a car or a moving couch.

"With e-scooters, we ask users to be considerate of other road or footpath users, to travel at safe speeds for the conditions, don't drink and ride, and we recommend wearing a helmet for your own safety," a spokesperson told Newshub.

"Police also urge e-scooter users to exercise common sense and not put themselves and others in danger. Anyone witnessing dangerous behaviour should contact Police."

Great King St intersects Dundas St, where a 26-year-old woman was seriously injured in a Lime crash early on Friday morning.

There have been reports she rode through a red light and collided with a truck. The Serious Crash Unit has launched an investigation into the crash.

The woman, believed to be from the US, remains in a critical condition in Dunedin Hospital.