Watch: Rowdy tourists confronted outside court by angry Kiwis, almost hit by car

Footage shows the rowdy tourists who've caused havoc around New Zealand pulling the finger, hiding, and almost being hit by a car on Wednesday outside the Hamilton District Court.

A 26-year-old woman, who is part of the group of 12 tourists, appeared in court today accused of stealing rope, energy drinks and sunglasses from a Caltex station in Albany.

Tina Maria Cash pleaded guilty to the offence and was ordered to pay $55.20 in reparations by 4pm on Wednesday.

Two supporters joined the accused at the courthouse.

One, a young boy, was filmed pulling the finger and yelling at media, while the other hid her face under a jacket.

All three left the courthouse trying to obscure their faces with paper and clothing, facing yells of, "Did you have a good holiday?" and "Why'd you steal a Red Bull?" from the public.

Eager to avoid the questions and heckling, they walked straight into the path of an oncoming car, the driver having to brake suddenly and honking their horn in response.

The trio then left quickly, running away from reporters.